Oracle Transition

Standing on our own feet

In 2016 Oracle donated the source code of NetBeans to the Apache Software Foundation (see Our History for details).

During the next five years Oracle has also been supporting the NetBeans Project with some server infrastructure (and a great team!). This has been of course of great help, and has allowed us to move forward. We want to thank Oracle for all this help.

In the meanwhile we have graduated from the Apache Incubator, have set up a regular release cycle and have started publishing maven artifacts in Maven Central

As of March the 6th, 2021, we’ll be standing on our own feet, and all the Apache NetBeans Project source and convenience binaries will be hosted by the Apache Infra Team.

This means that we won’t be able to host any binaries that are not produced by the Apache Software Foundation, as stated in the ASF Infra Release Distribution Policy and in the Apache Release Policy.

Oracle’s binaries and artifacts

In case you still need to access Oracle binaries or artifacts, some individuals have created a backup of those that you may want to use. Here is a list:

Maven repository

Jaroslav Tulach is hosting a Maven repository with all previous Oracle binaries at You can use this repository by adding the following to your pom.xml:


Hg mercurial repositories