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How can I see the system filesystem (FileUtil.getConfigRoot())?

The layer file browser in NetBeans project support shows the default file system.

Open a NetBeans module project in the Projects window. Navigate to Important Files > XML Layer > <this layer in context>. You can examine the IDE’s default file system by browsing the <this layer in context> node.

While browsing the filesystem remember that each node has a "Name" property (use the Properties Window to see the properties of each node). You must use the "Name" to refer to the node in the filesystem.

For instance, in default (English) locale the menu bar appears as the node Menu Bar in the filesystem viewer, but its nonlocalizable code name is Menu. So to refer to the menu bar in your layer.xml file you have to use the name of the node, like this:

<folder name="Menu">

instead of

<folder name="Menu Bar">


Applies to: NetBeans 6.7 and later

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