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How can I track what file the user is currently editing?


The editor keeps a registry of open editors; you can track the active editor using the following code:

import org.netbeans.api.editor.EditorRegistry;

PropertyChangeListener l = new PropertyChangeListener() {
  public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent evt) {
    JTextComponent jtc = EditorRegistry.lastFocusedComponent();
    if (jtc != null) {
      Document d = jtc.getDocument();
      // use the document


IMPORTANT: If you attach any listener to the Document or anything else in the active editor text component, remember to remove them when the active editor changes.

Please read javadoc on EditorRegistry to see details about the properties delivered through the listener used in the above code. There are many property changes fired and if an event comes it does not necessarily mean that the active editor has changed.


If you have a EditorCookie you can use NbDocument.findRecentEditorPane

Applies to: Netbeans 6.x and later

Platforms: All

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