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How to use color text in Output Window

You can use IO extension classes like IOColorPrint, IOColorLines. Default colors can be changed via IOColors.

InputOutput io = IOProvider.getDefault().getIO("test", true);

// change default color for output in corresponding tab
if (IOColors.isSupported(io)) {
    IOColors.setColor(io, IOColors.OutputType.OUTPUT, Color.GRAY);

// print line in specific color
if (IOColorLines.isSupported(io)) {
    IOColorLines.println(io, "Green line", Color.GREEN);

class L implements OutputListener {

// print parts of line in specific color
if (IOColorPrint.isSupported(io)) {
    IOColorPrint.print(io, "Green part", Color.GREEN);
    IOColorPrint.print(io, " pink part", Color.PINK);
    IOColorPrint.print(io, " hyperlink with custom color", new L(), false, Color.MAGENTA);

See here for a plugin that has a convenient class that takes care of the dirty work and even handles OutputListeners.

Applies to: NetBeans 6.7 or later, (IOColorPrint 6.8 or later).

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