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How can I change the contents of a menu according to the selected file in the editor?

https://bitbucket.org/jglick/dynamicmenudemo/ also does something similar.

Can I hide or show a whole menu or toolbar?

To hide a menu or toolbar you have to edit your layer.xml and append _hidden to the name of the desired menu or toolbar. You may also hide *.instance files.

<syntaxhighlight lang="xml" enclose="div" highlight="6"> <folder name="Menu">

   <!-- Hide View menu -->
   <folder name="View_hidden"/>
   <folder name="SomeMenu">
       <!-- Hide a single menu item -->
       <file name="SomeAction.instance_hidden"/>

</folder> <folder name="Toolbars">

   <!-- Hide Edit toolbar -->
   <folder name="Edit_hidden"/>

</folder> </syntaxhighlight >

It’s generally much easier to do this from the NetBeans IDE, as described here.

Note that to hide the Navigate menu one has to declare GoTo_hidden instead of Navigate_hidden (the menu was originally named GoTo, but was later renamed to Navigate by the means of Bundle.properties).

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