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How do I set the version number?

There are two ways to set the version number shown in the Help…​ About dialog.

  • The easy way is to set the system property netbeans.buildnumber to some value in your application.

  • The harder way is to put this key/value currentVersion=My Product 1.2.3 into the file named "branding/modules/org-netbeans-core.jar/org/netbeans/core/ui/Bundle.properties" below your suite, then rebuild and run.

  • In NB 6.5 and later is the file location different: "branding/core/core.jar/org/netbeans/core/startup/Bundle.properties"

How do I set the version number automatically in maven-based applications?

Within your branding-module use Maven placeholders in Bundle.properties and within the pom.xml filter the bundle by the maven-resources-plugin.

Note: Some of the files below are ignored by default in version control by Netbeans so you might need to add them to preserve the changes.


currentVersion=My app ${project.version}
LBL_splash_window_title=Starting My app ${project.version}


CTL_MainWindow_Title=My app ${project.version}
CTL_MainWindow_Title_No_Project=My app ${project.version}


LBL_ProductInformation=My app ${project.version}


                <!-- f.e. allow replacing ${project.version} in all property files below src/main/nbm-branding -->
                    <!-- use previously filtered branding sources -->
            <!-- ... -->

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