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How do I file a completed CA?

Oracle must have a fax or hard copy of the CA on file before Oracle can accept contributions and update the list of contributors with an accepted CA. You will find a blank form of the CA at: http://oss.oracle.com/oca.pdf. The CA is in .pdf format (on purpose - we need a format not intended for modification).

  1. Print it, mourn the loss of a tree, fill it out and sign it. Please take care to print your details very clearly, including your postal and email address. Also don’t forget to check one statement in the 7th paragraph regarding scope of your CA.

  1. Scan it and email it to oracle-ca_us@oracle.com

  1. Please check list of approved CA signatories for your name in the days following your submission. If your name does not show up, or shows up incorrectly, please contact Jiri Kovalsky - NetBeans Community Manager.

  1. If you have other questions, please consult the General FAQs guide.

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