How can I find Javadoc of Autoupdate API with hints to use it?

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Since NetBeans 6.0 there is a public API to use Autoupdate Services. Autoupdate API provides several services to applications built on NetBeans Platform: it allows users to download and install available updates of installed plugins, search and install new plugins from subscribed Update Centers, browsing and manipulating plugins already installed. To use these services NetBeans Platform supplies a GUI (Plugin Manager in Tools→Plugins menu item) to easy call these services. AutoUpdate API also cares about registration of Update Centers.

  • Where to find Javadoc? Auto Update Services

  • Which version of NetBeans should I use? This API was firstly introduced in NetBeans 6.0 Platform where the API was still in development. In NetBeans 6.1 Platform it was made official API, it means further changes should be backward compatible. Use NetBeans Platform of the latest version for the best performance.