How do I make a checkable action that represents a preference option?

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Here an example for a checkable action which represents the state of the "ignoreCase" property within the property file "org/netbeans/modules/" `

   <folder name="Actions">
       <folder name="Diff">
           <file name="toggle-ignore-case-diff-option.instance">
               <attr bundlevalue="org.netbeans.modules.diff.Bundle#CTL_IgnoreCaseOptionAction" name="displayName"/>
               <attr name="Name" stringvalue="toggle-ignore-case-diff-option"/>
               <attr name="preferencesNode" stringvalue="/org/netbeans/modules/diff" />
               <attr name="preferencesKey" stringvalue="ignoreCase"/>
               <attr name="instanceCreate" methodvalue="org.openide.awt.Actions.checkbox"/>


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