I have a .instance file. How do I get an actual object instance?

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Using InstanceCookie (note that if you have an entire folder of .instance files, there’s a more efficient way to get all of them):

DataObject dob = DataObject.find (theDotInstanceFileObject);
InstanceCookie ck = dob.getLookup().lookup(InstanceCookie.class);
MyObject obj = (MyObject) ck.instanceCreate();

(you can and should call ck.instanceClass() to ensure the type cast is correct ahead of time)


T obj=FileUtil.getConfigObject("Actions/Window/org-foo-B.instance", T.class)

//for example:
Action action=FileUtil.getConfigObject("Actions/Window/org-netbeans-core-windows-actions-ResetWindowsAction.instance", Action.class)