Looking at the UI how do I find a module that implements a menu item?

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Looking at text in IDE such as a menu item, window title, node display name, etc. you may want to change it. But first you need to find where in the code this string is produced. It is very easy to find if you add the following switch into your …​/etc/netbeans.conf:


If you use this switch all strings loaded from Bundle.properties files using org.openide.util.NbBundle will have two numbers appended to them. The first number identifies the bundle file. Look for this number in the IDE log to find the location of the properties file that provides this string.

Another handy trick: in a built source tree, run

$ ant index-layer-paths

to see which module (by code name) contributes each layer file (or folder), including menu items and so on. You can also just look at the trunk version of this file here.