Apache NetBeans Developer FAQ

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Getting Started

Tutorials and important starting points

Getting support, where to find examples

Application Lifecycle and Hooks

Development issues, module basics and classpath issues, and information about RCP/Platform application configuration

Mavenized Builds

Configuration: How Modules Install Things

When There Are Multiple Ways To Do Something...

Actions: How to add things to Files, Folders, Menus, Toolbars and more

Key Bindings


Files and Data Objects

Converting between common data types and finding things

Editor and Edited Files

File Management (within the IDE/Application)

Module System

Nodes and Explorer

Tasks and Progressbar

Command Line Parsing


Creating a Custom Programming Language


Window System

Dialogs API

XML Multiview API

Project Handling

Project Types



HTML Browser

Wizards and Templates

Properties and PropertySheet

Output Window

Using Enterprise Resources from NetBeans module

Running and Writing tests

Branding your application

Authentication and Authorization in Platform Apps

Logging and Error Handling


Look and Design

Deploying Changes through AutoUpdate and using Autoupdate API

Deployment using installers / NBI

Programmatic access to Java Sources

When things go wrong: Troubleshooting

Licensing Issues

Using Sounds