Using pack200 compression for NBM files

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Starting with NetBeans 6.9 we have possibility to significantly decrease NBM file size by using pack200 compression. By default, all modules are now compressed during the build. There are several options to override that behaviour :

  • Set use.pack200=false in module’s if you want to completely disable using pack200 compression for the module. This can be used e.g. if you create module using 6.9 (and above) harness and need to have ability to install this module in older NetBeans versions (e.g. 6.8).

  • Set pack200.excludes=modules/somecodename.jar (supports standard Ant’s patterns) to exclude particular module jar files. This can be used to disable compression for some jars in case pack200 cause troubles for there jars after installation.

More info: FitnessForNBMs