Some module in the IDE etc. already has a menu item I can use. I just want to rename it. Can I?

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If you are creating a custom application (e.g. Standalone Application in suite project properties) you specify a branding for the application. You can then override localized text strings from platform modules without modifying those modules directly; the overrides will be active whenever your branding is selected (this part is taken care of for you by the suite build harness). You will need to locate the module which defines the menu item and find the localized which gives a label for it. Then you can create a file in your suite project like


containing definitions of overridden labels.

When you enable branding on a suite the IDE automatically brands a few bundle strings for the main window title and so on, so you can look at these files for examples.

The Branding menu item on a suite (or Maven app project) lets you search for other strings and override them easily.

Applies to: NetBeans 5.0, 5.5, 6.x