There sure are a lot of modules in the source tree. What are they for?

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If you’ve unpacked or checked out the NetBeans sources, you’ll see more then 600 directories. Almost every one of these directories is a module. Although the directory names indicate the purpose of each, sometimes it’s still not clear what each does.

The easiest way to find out about a module in the source tree is to open its manifest file, then look for the entry named OpenIDE-Module-Localizing-Bundle. The file referenced there (located deeper inside the module directory) typically contains the module’s display name, descriptions and other information. You could automate the extraction of these values through a simple shell or perl script, but for your convenience, I’ve included the short description of each one below:

ant.browsetask=Adds an Ant task <nbbrowse> to run inside NetBeans to open a web browser.
ant.debugger=Enables debugging on Ant scripts.
ant.freeform=Special project type for projects with pre\u00EBxisting Ant scripts.
ant.grammar=Code completion for textual editing of Ant scripts.
ant.kit=Support for Ant build scripts.
antlr=Antlr Developement Libraries
api.debugger=Enables debugging with the AAA debugger implementation.
api.debugger.jpda=JPDA Debugger API
api.debugger=NetBeans Debugger APIs. APIs for Java development support modules
api.mobility=Mobility Core API module.
api.progress=Task progress visualization APIs.
apisupport.apidocs=Local documentation for the NetBeans APIs.
apisupport.feedreader=Feed Reader Application
apisupport.feedreader=Wrapper for JDOM library
apisupport.feedreader=Wrapper for ROME Fetcher Library
apisupport.feedreader=Wrapper for ROME Library
apisupport.feedreader=Bundles a demonstration application using the NetBeans Platform.
apisupport.harness=Lets you build external plug-in modules from sources.
apisupport.paintapp=Sample NetBeans platform application.
apisupport.project=Defines an Ant-based project type for NetBeans modules and module suites.
apisupport.project=Some short description
apisupport.refactoring=Additional refactoring support for NetBeans module projects.
api.visual=Visual Library API
api.web.webmodule=APIs for web module development support modules.
api.xml=This module contains XML tools API and SPI.
applemenu=Enables proper support for the Apple \
asm=Assembler support for searching for module updates on Update Center and for downloading and installing modules
autoupdate.ui=Supplies UI of Auto Update Services
beans=Support for creating JavaBeans(TM) components.
bpel.core=BPEL Core.
bpel.debugger.api=Enables debugging on BPEL files.
bpel.debugger.bdi=BPEL Debugger RMI.
bpel.debugger=BPEL Debugger.
bpel.debugger.ui=BPEL Debugger UI.
bpel.editors.api=BPEL Editors API.
bpel.editors=BPEL Editors. Help.
bpel.kit=BPEL development support.
bpel.mapper=BPEL Mapper.
bpel.model=Object model for BPEL 2.0.
bpel.project=Composite Application Base Project.
bpel.project=BPEL Project.
bpel.refactoring=BPEL Refactoring.
bpel.samples=BPEL Samples.
bpel.validation=BPEL Validation.
classfile=Provides read-only access to Java class files.
clearcase=Clearcase Versioning System
cnd.antlr=Supports the C/C++ Code Model - contains ANTLR parser generator library
cnd.api.model=API that represents C/C++ code
cnd.api.project=A bridge between C/C++ project system and C/C++ code assistance
cnd.apt=APT presentation for files with preprocessor
cnd.callgraph=C/C++ Call Graph
cnd.classview=C/C++ Class View
cnd.completion=Code completion for C, C++, and Fortran languages
cnd.debugger.gdb=Supports debugging of native programs with gdb
cnd.discovery=C/C++ Discovery API/SPI
cnd.dwarfdiscovery=C/C++ Dwarf-based Discovery Provider
cnd.dwarfdump=Reading dwarf debugging information
cnd.editor=C/C++ Editor
cnd.folding=C/C++ APT-based Folding
cnd.gotodeclaration=C/C++ Go To Declaration
cnd.highlight=Provides error highlighting for the C/C++ languages.
cnd.kit=C/C++ development support.
cnd.lexer=Lexical analysis for C/C++ Pack languages
cnd.makeproject=Supports C/C++ projects
cnd.modeldiscovery=C/C++ Model-based Discovery Provider
cnd.modelimpl=Implementation of C/C++ Code Model API Model Services
cnd.modelui=UI for Implementation of C/C++ Code Model API
cnd.modelutil=Miscellaneous utilities used by C/C++ Code Model
cnd.navigation=C/C++ Code Navigation
cnd.qnavigator=Provides navigator content for C/C++ files
cnd.refactoring=C/C++ Experimental Refactoring
cnd.remote=Support remote developement
cnd.repository.api=Api for the CND repository
cnd.repository=Persistence mechanism for Code Assistance features
cnd=Enables development of C and C++ programs in the IDE
cnd=Enables editing of C, C++, and Fortran files in the IDE.
cnd.utils=C/C++ Utilites for developer-friendly instant messaging chat (Java).
compapp.casaeditor=Composite Application Service Assembly editor.
compapp.configextension=JBI descriptor configuration extensions. Application Help Topics.
compapp.kit=Composite application development support.
compapp.manager.jbi=Composite Application JBI Manager.
compapp.projects.base=Composite Application Project.
compapp.projects.jbi=Composite Application JBI Project.
compapp.projects.wizard=Supplies the generic wizard interface for CAPS projects in the IDE.
core.execution=Implementation of the Execution engine.
core.ide=Makes the IDE from the platform.
core.kit=NetBeans Platform
core.multiview=MultiView Windows framework and APIs
core.nativeaccess=Uses native bindings via JNA library to provide advanced visual effects for window system.
core.output2=A simple text area based output window implementation
core.startup=Loads and enables modules.
core.ui=User interface of the platform. for windowing support.
css.editor=Editor support for editing CSS files
css.visual=CSS authoring support module for visual CSS editing
dbapi=Database support APIs
db.core=Core database support.
db.dataview=SQL query editable resultset view
db.drivers=JDBC database drivers
db.kit=Database browser, visual and text SQL editor.
db.mysql.sakila=Provides Sakila sample database for NetBeans MySQL support
db.mysql=Provides MySQL-specific db support for NetBeans
dbschema=Enables you to capture and view the structure of a database in the IDE.
db.sql.editor=Supports editing SQL files in the IDE
db.sql.visualeditor=Visual Query Editor
db=Views and modifies the structure of the connected database.
debugger.jpda.ant=Lets you use the NetBeans JPDA debugger from Ant.
debugger.jpda.heapwalk=Provides heap walking functionality in Java Debugger.
debugger.jpda.projects=JPDA Debugger integration with Java projects.
debugger.jpda=Enables debugging with the JPDA debugger implementation.
debugger.jpda.ui=JPDA Debugger.
defaults=Contains font, color and shortcut defaults for IDE.
deployment.wm=Windows Mobile Deployment
derby=Integration with the Java DB database.
diff=Provides the diff action to view file differences.
editor.bookmarks=Contains support for bookmarks handling in the edited files
editor.bracesmatching=Support for highlighting matching braces
editor.codetemplates=Contains support for creation and using of code templates
editor.completion=Contains support for Code Completion in Editor
editor.errorstripe.api=The API for the right hand side bar showing errors, hints, etc.
editor.errorstripe=The right hand side bar showing errors, hints, etc.
editor.fold=Contains support for Code Folding in Editor
editor.guards=Provides support for manipulating garded sections in a document.
editor.indent=Contains indentation APIs and SPIs.
editor.kit=Editting support for various types of files.
editor.lib2=Contains core editor APIs and SPIs.
editor.lib=Contains Editor functionality independent on the IDE
editor.macros=Support for editor macros
editor.mimelookup.impl=The default implementation of MimeDataProvider.
editor.mimelookup=The MIME lookup API.
editor.plain.lib=Contains plain editor library implementation
editor.plain=Contains plain text editor implementation
editor.settings=Contains support for editor settings Netbeans editor settings storage
editor=Enables editing of files in the IDE.
editor.structure=Contains Editor support functionality for tag based editors
editor.util=Contains various support classes for editor related modules
el.lexer=Lexical Analysis for Expression Language
etl.editor=Data Editor for editing and creating extract-transform-load collaboration documents.
etl.project=Data Integrator Application Projects.
extbrowser=Enables integration of external web browsers with the IDE.
extbrowser=Webclient module enables embedding of external web browsers into the IDE.
extexecution=Supports execution of external processes
favorites=Support for organizing favorite files.
form.kit=Enables you to visually design Java desktop (AWT and Swing) applications.
glassfish.common=Shared support module for GlassFish V3 server integration
glassfish.eecommon=shared code for glassfish servers
glassfish.javaee=GlassFish V3 server support for JavaEE projects.
glassfish.jruby=GlassFish V3 server support for Ruby on Rails projects
gototest=An action to quicky \
groovy.editor=Support for editing Groovy files
groovy.grailsproject=Support for Grails projects
groovy.grails=Interface to in-process or ex-process Grails runtime
groovy.gsp=Support for Groovy Server Pages (GSP)
groovy.kit=Wrapper module for all Groovy and Grails functionality
groovy.refactoring=Groovy refactorings
groovy.samples=Groovy and Grails sample projects editing and running of scripts written in Groovy language. script execution support
gsf.api=API for defining custom languages in the IDE
gsfpath.api=APIs for handling paths in the Common Scripting Language Framework
gsf=Generic support for language integration in the IDE
gsf=Adds support for structural views of Java \
gsf=Java Source Infrastructure
hibernatelib=Wrapper module for Hibernate 3.2.5 jars
hibernate=Hibernate Support
hibernateweb=Hibernate Support for Web Projects.
html.editor.lib=Contains HTML editor library implementation
html.editor=Contains HTML editor implementation
html.lexer=Lexical analysis for html language
html=Supports creation, editing, and viewing of HTML files.
httpserver=Provides infrastructure for testing applets, RMI applications, and so on.
i18n.form=Enables internationalization of files created with the IDE's Form Editor.
i18n=Simplifies internationalization of applications.
ide.branding.kit=NetBeans IDE content and branding.
ide.branding=Provides NetBeans IDE specific branding
ide.kit=IDE Platform
identity.kit=Plugin for securing web services and clients using Sun Java System Access Manager.
identity.samples=Identity Sample Projects
iep.editor=Intelligent Event Processor Editor Event Processor Help Topics.
iep.project=Intelligent Event Processing Module Project
iep.samples=Intelligent Event Processing Samples.
image=Supports viewing of image files.
installer=Provides integration services between the NetBeans installer and the Plugin Manager
j2ee.ant=Lets you use j2eeserver from Ant.
j2ee.api.ejbmodule=APIs for ejb jar development support modules.
j2eeapis=J2EE Application Deployment and Management API Library
j2ee.archive=Java EE Binary Archives support
j2ee.clientproject=Support for Application Client (CAR) Module Projects.
j2ee.common=Utilities for J2EE projects
j2ee.core.utilities=Core Java EE Utilities.
j2ee.ddloaders=J2EE Deployment Descriptors files loaders
j2ee.dd=Deployment Descriptor API.
j2ee.dd=J2EE Deployment Descriptor API.
j2ee.dd.webservice=Web Services Deployment Descriptor API.
j2ee.earproject=Supports development of composite Java EE applications.
j2ee.ejbcore=Support for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Development.
j2ee.ejbjarproject=Support for Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Module Projects.
j2ee.ejbverification=EJB Verification
j2ee.genericserver=Generic J2EE Server Plugin
j2ee.jboss4=Plugin for JBoss Application Server
j2ee.jpa.verification=Detects and solves problems with usage of the Java Persistence API
j2ee.kit=J2EE / Java EE application support
j2ee.metadata=Java EE Metadata
j2ee.persistenceapi=API for supporting Java Persistence API
j2ee.persistence.kit=Java Persistence API support
j2ee.persistence=Support for the Java Persistence Technology
j2ee.platform=Java EE Documentation
j2ee.samples=Java Enterprise Samples from the GlassFish samples project
j2eeserver=Supports Java EE application servers
j2eeserver=JSR88/77 test server plugin
j2ee.sun.appsrv81=Map Java classes to database schema
j2ee.sun.appsrv81=GlassFish and Sun Java System Application Server integration
j2ee.sun.appsrv=Sun Java System Application Server  Common APIs
j2ee.sun.dd=Sun Java Sytem Application Server J2EE Deployment Descriptor API.
j2ee.sun.ddui=Sun Java Sytem Application Server (or Glassfish) JavaEE Deployment Descriptor Loaders.
j2ee.sun.ddui=Sun Java Sytem Application Server J2EE Deployment Descriptor GUI.
j2ee.toplinklib=Java Persistence API and TopLink Essentials Library
j2ee.weblogic9=Plugin for BEA WebLogic Server
j2ee.websphere6=Plugin for IBM WebSphere Application Server, Version 6.0 and 6.1
j2me.cdc.kit=Support for Connected Device Configuration development (JSR 36 and JSR 218)
j2me.cdc.platform.bdj=Java ME CDC BD-JRay Platform Support
j2me.cdc.platform.nsicom=Java ME CDC NSIcom VM Platform Implementation
j2me.cdc.platform=Java ME CDC Platform
j2me.cdc.project.bdj=Java ME CDC BD-J Plugin Implementation
j2me.cdc.project.execuiimpl=Implementation of executable classes chooser in CDC profiles
j2me.cdc.project.execui=Internal API for executable classes chooser in CDC profiles
j2me.cdc.project.nsicom=Java ME CDC NSIcom Plugin Implementation
j2me.cdc.project=Supports Java ME CDC Projects, such as for mobile client-side Java.
java.api.common=API implementations common to all the project types.
java.debug=Navigator for Java AST
javadoc=Supports Javadoc creation and searches.
java.editor.lib=Contains java editor library implementation
java.editor=Contains java editor implementation
java.examples=Provides Java SE application samples.
java.freeform=Support of Java development in Freeform project.
java.guards=Provides Java Guarded Sections implementation
java.helpset=Java Support Documentation
javahelp=Permits JavaHelp help sets to be added to the IDE.
java.hints.analyzer=Javadoc Analyzer
java.hints.analyzer=Task List window implementation
java.hints=Hints Provider for Java
java.j2seplatform=General-purpose Java platform and library definitions.
java.j2seproject=Supports plain Java projects, such as for client-side Java SE.
java.kit=Support for development in Java.
java.lexer=Lexical analysis for java language
java.navigation=Adds support for structural views of Java \
java.platform=Infrastructure and APIs for configuring and searching Java platforms.
java.project=Support for defining Ant-based project types involving Java sources.
javascript.hints=Additional source code hints for JavaScript
javascript.kit=An umbrella module covering all modules required for JavaScript support: editing, refactoring, hints, etc.
javascript.libraries.dojo=Installs the Dojo JavaScript Library
javascript.libraries.jquery=Installs the jQuery JavaScript Library
javascript.libraries.prototype=Installs the Prototype JavaScript Library
javascript.libraries.scriptaculous=Installs the Scriptaculous JavaScript Library
javascript.libraries=JavaScript Library Manager
javascript.libraries.yahooui=Installs the YahooUI JavaScript Library
java.source=Java Source Infrastructure
java.sourceui=UI classes for Java source files
javawebstart=Support for Java Web Start
jconsole=JConsole module
jellytools=A library used for GUI-testing NetBeans IDE.
jemmy=Jemmy test library.
jmx.common=Common classes for JMX and JConsole NetBeans modules
jmx=JMX Wizard module
jsp.lexer=Lexical analysis for JSP language
jumpto=An action to quicky \
jumpto=Open Type allows you to jump to type declarations in other files
junit=Creates tests suitable for the JUnit framework.
languages.bat=Support for .bat files editing.
languages.css=Support for editing CSS files.
languages.diff=Support for editing .diff files.
languages.javascript=Support for editing JavaScript files.
languages.manifest=Support for editing .manifest files.
languages.php=PHP editor.
languages.refactoring=Refactorings for Generic Support for Integration of Programming Languages into NetBeans IDE for editing .sh files.
languages=Generic Support for Integration of Programming Languages into NetBeans IDE
languages.yaml=Support for editing YAML files.
lexer.editorbridge=Enables use of the lexer module with the current editor
lexer.nbbridge=Allows to search for language descriptions by using MimeLookup
lexer=Enables lexical analysis
lib.cvsclient=A CVS client library, that substitutes the client side of the native CVS executable.
libs.aguiswinglayout=Free Layout for AGUI Profile based on org.jdesktop.layout.GroupLayout
libs.bytelist=JRuby ByteList Library
libs.cglib=This module bundles Code Generation Library
libs.commons_fileupload=This plugin bundles Commons FileUpload.
libs.commons_logging=This module bundles Apache Commons Logging.
libs.commons_net=This plugin bundles Commons Net.
libs.freemarker=This module bundles Freemarker.
libs.glassfish_logging=This module bundles Glassfish Commons Logging.
libs.httpunit=HttpUnit Test.
libs.ini4j=Bundles ini4j.jar.
libs.jakarta_oro=This plugin bundles Jakarta ORO.
libs.javacapi=The javac public API
libs.javacimpl=The javac implementation classes.
libs.javacup=Java CUP 11a integration
libs.jna=Bundles JNA library.
libs.jsch=Bundles JSch (SSH implementation).
libs.jsr223=This module bundles the Scripting APIs
libs.junit4=Bundles the JUnit 4.x testing library.
libs.jvyamlb=YALM Library Library (jvyamlb)
libs.lucene=Bundles Apache Lucene (a Search Engine).
libs.ppawtlayout=Free Layout for Personal Profile based on org.jdesktop.layout.GroupLayout
libs.springframework=Bundles the Spring Framework.
libs.svnClientAdapter=Bundles's svnClientAdapter.jar.
libs.svnjavahlwin32=Bundles subversion client for windows
libs.xerces=Bundles Apache Xerces (an XML parser).
libs.xmlbeans=XMLBeans development and runtime libraries
lib.terminalemulator=A terminal emulator library written in Java.
lib.uihandler=Collects Information about UI Gestures
loadgenerator=Generic load generation infrastructure
localhistory=Implemets Local History for the IDE
masterfs=Merges multiple filesystem providers into a single logical tree.
maven.kit=NetBeans Maven project system support
maven.spring=Module bridging Maven and Spring features
mercurial=Mercurial Versioning System
mobility.antext=Provides Java ME extensions to Ant.
mobility.cldcplatform.catalog=Java ME Platform SDK Catalog
mobility.cldcplatform=Java Micro Edition CLDC Platform
mobility.databindingme=Provides runtime libraries for databinding on mobile devices.
mobility.deployment.ftpscp=FTP/SCP Deployment of Java ME Project on Nokia phones on Ricoh devices
mobility.deployment.sonyericsson=Sony Ericsson Deployment of Java ME Project
mobility.deployment.webdav=WebDAV Deployment of Java ME Project
mobility.editor=Java Micro Edition Editor Support module
mobility.end2end.kit=Support for mobile end-to-end applications such as Java ME web services or mobile to web
mobility.end2end=Java ME Client to Web Application Generator
mobility.javahelp=Online documentation for Java ME.
mobility.jsr172=Stub generator for Java ME Web Service Clients (JSR 172)
mobility.kit=Java Mobile Edition System Core
mobility.licensing=Mobility Licensing module.
mobility.midpexamples=Provides a lot of MIDP examples.
mobility.plugins.mpowerplayer=SDK MPowerPlayer support for Netbeans Mobility
mobility.proguard=Provides ProGuard Obfuscator for Java ME extensions to Ant.
mobility.project.ant=Debugger support for Java ME Build System Core
mobility.project.bridge.impl=Implementation of isolation API between core Mobility project and advanced IDE functionality
mobility.project.bridge=Isolation API between core Mobility project and advanced IDE functionality
mobility.project=Java Mobile Edition Build System Core
mvd=Java Mobile Edition Visual Editor
nbjunit=NetBeans extensions to JUnit
o.apache.jmeter.kit=JMeter load generator integration bundle
o.apache.jmeter.module=JMeter integration module for the Ant build tool. writing of build scripts.
o.apache.xml.resolver=Apache Resolver library for development time
o.jdesktop.beansbinding=Bundles beans-binding library.
o.jdesktop.layout=Bundles swing-layout library.
o.jruby.distro=Bundled distribution of JRuby and Ruby on Rails
o.jruby=The actual JRuby implementation
o.kxml2=XML Pull Parser implementation
o.mozilla.rhino.patched=A patched version of Rhino for IDE language processing
o.n.bluej=Allows to work with BlueJ projects in NetBeans
o.n.bootstrap=The core bootstrap of NetBeans-based applications.
o.n.core=The basic framework of NetBeans-based applications.
o.n.insane=INSANE heap profiling library.
o.n.soa.libs.jgo=Wrapper module for the JGO visual library.
o.n.soa.libs.xmlbeans=XMLBeans development and runtime libraries
o.n.swing.plaf=Handles per-look-and-feel UIManager customizations for NetBeans
o.n.swing.tabcontrol=The tab control used by the window system
o.n.upgrader=Import IDE environment and settings.
o.n.xml.libs.jxpath=JXPath Library.
o.openidex.util=Search API for use by various modules.
openide.actions=Definition of common actions for NetBeans
openide.awt=User interface utilities.
openide.compat=Some old classes that are now deprecated.
openide.dialogs=Handles dialogs and wizards.
openide.execution=Execution API from the Open APIs.
openide.explorer=Various view for displaying node structures.
openide.filesystems=Virtual File System API. APIs relating to displaying output.
openide.loaders=NetBeans Open API for manipulating data objects.
openide.modules=APIs for getting information about installed modules.
openide.nodes=API for defining generic tree-like structures.
openide.options=Support for storing preferences.
openide.text=Generic API wrapping Swing based EditorKits.
openide.util.enumerations=Enumeration API that is in wrong package.
openide.util=Basic Utilities API. for managing components on a screen.
options.api=Provides the Options dialog and an SPI to add panels to it.
options.editor=Provides the editor related panels in the Options dialog.
o.rubyforge.debugcommons=Integration of debug-commons-java library
performance=The basic core framework of the IDE.
performance=The basic core framework of the IDE.
php.dbgp=PHP Debugger.
php.doc=PHP Documentation.
php.editor=Support for editing PHP files help pages for the IDE's PHP support
php.kit=Provides tools and support for php development.
php.lexer=PHP Lexer
php.model=PHP model.
php.project=Support for PHP projects.
php.rt=PHP runtime explorer.
php.samples=PHP Sample projects for NetBeans Sample Catalog
print=Implementation of print module.
profiler.attach=Attach wizard integration provider SPI
profiler.loadgen=Profiler -> LoadGenerator Bridge
progress.ui=Task progress visualization.
project.ant=Supports all project types based on Ant as a build tool.
projectapi=General API for accessing and loading IDE projects.
projectimport.eclipse.core=Imports projects created in Eclipse IDEs into NetBeans.
projectimport.jbuilder=Imports projects created by JBuilder IDE into NetBeans.
project.libraries=Support for organizing resources into libraries.
projectuiapi=Supplies the APIs/SPIs for user interface of projects in the IDE.
projectui.buildmenu=Supplies the Run and Debug menu for java/c++ projects.
projectui=Supplies the basic user interface for projects in the IDE.
properties=Supports editing of .properties files.
properties.syntax=Syntax coloring for .properties files in the source editor.
queries=Acts as a general communication channel between modules.
quiz=Quiz Module
registration=Enables user to register to Sun Online Account
ruby.debugger=Ruby Debugger
ruby.extrahints=Extra source code hints for Ruby help pages for the IDE's Ruby support
ruby.hints=Additional source code hints for Ruby
ruby.javaint=Support for accessing Java libraries using JRuby in Ruby projects
ruby.kit=An umbrella module covering all modules required for Ruby support: editing, projects, Rails, etc.
ruby.platform=Infrastructure and APIs for configuring and searching Ruby platforms.
ruby.project=Supports plain Ruby projects
ruby.rakeproject=Supports all project types based on Rake as a build tool.
ruby.rspec=Support for RSpec, a testing framework for Ruby
ruby.samples.depot=Depot Sample Application
ruby.testrunner=Ruby Test Runner
ruby.themes=Additional editor color themes designed for use with the Ruby file types in NetBeans.
schema2beans=Library for representing XML as java beans; development time variant.
schema2beans=Library for representing XML as JavaBeans.
sendopts=GetOpts compliant API for parsing command line
server=Provides server integration.
servletapi=Servlet 2.2 API Library
servletjspapi=Servlet 2.5/JSP 2.1 API Library
settings=A library for storing settings in custom formats.
soa.kit=Shared classes for XSLT and BPEL modules.
soa.mappercore=SOA Mapper Core.
soa.mapper=SOA Mapper.
soa.reportgenerator=SOA Report Generator Framework.
soa.ui=SOA UI.
soa.validation=SOA Validation.
spi.debugger.ui=Basic shared debugger UI.
spi.editor.hints=Editor Hints Infrastructure
spi.navigator=Navigation support SPIs and APIs
spi.palette=Common Palette visualization and APIs
spi.quicksearch=Infrastructure for quick search in menu items, actions, files etc.
spi.tasklist=Provides API for Task List plugins
spi.viewmodel=TreeTableView Model
spring.beans=Spring Beans Support
spring.webmvc=Spring Web MVC Support Help.
sql.project=Composite Application Base Project.
sql.project=Support for SQL Application Projects.
sql.wizard=JDBC Wizard.
subversion=Integrates Subversion actions into IDE workflow.
swingapp=Swing Application Framework Support for Form Editor
tasklist.projectint=Integrates the Task List window with Projects system
tasklist.todo=Scan for ToDo items in source file comments
tasklist.ui=Task List window implementation
templates=Advanced Templating not only for Datasystems
testtools: Module providing additional support for XTest, Jemmy and Jelly technologies.
timers=Timers API
tomcat5=Tomcat servlet container integration
uihandler.exceptionreporter=Allows automatic reporting of exceptions to our UI Gestures Server
uihandler.interactive=Collects Information about UI Gestures
uihandler=Collects Information about UI Gestures
uml.codegen=Code Generation for the UML Tools
uml.designpattern=The Design Center provides the design pattern catalog.
uml.documentation=Provides a control to view and modify the documentation of a model element.
uml.dom4jlib=Dom4j Dependency Libraries
uml.drawingarea=The modeling drawing area control.
uml.drawingarea=Reverse Engineer GUI Addin.
uml.integration=Enables model-driven analysis, design and implementation using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
uml.kit=NetBeans 5.5, UML Modeling Module parsing support for the Java 5.0 language.
uml.project=Supports plain UML projects
uml.propertysupport=Supports UML properties
uml.reporting=Provides the ability to execute web report.
uml.requirements.doorsprovider=A requirements provider that uses DOORS to persist requirements.
uml.requirements=The requirements framework.
uml.requirements.xmlrequirements=A requirements provider that uses an XML file to persist requirements.
uml.samples=A sample Java project with its reversed engineered UML project counterpart.
uml.samples=Sample UML Model Projects
uml=Contains the core functionality for all modeling projects.
uml=Associate With Dialog Addin.
updatecenters=Declares NetBeans autoupdate centers.
usersguide=Online documentation for the IDE.
utilities.project=Support for searching projects for files.
utilities=Support for file searching, bookmarks.
versioning=Support module for Versioning systems.
versioning.system.cvss=Integrates CVS actions into IDE workflow.
visdev.prefuse=Library for Prefuse Graphing Toolkit
visualweb.api.designer=Visual Editor Hack APIs
visualweb.api.insync=InSync Source Modeler APIs
visualweb.api.j2ee=API Extensions for J2EE
visualweb.api.portlet.dd=Provides an API for a portlet deployment descriptor
visualweb.compatibilitykit=Contains libraries needed for Visual Web JSF web application development in certain environments
visualweb.dataconnectivity.designtime=Design Time Classes for Data Connectivity
visualweb.dataconnectivity=Database and Data Source related
visualweb.designer.markup=Designer Markup and CSS Impl.
visualweb.designer=The Visual Designer enables you to create pages in WYSIWYG mode
visualweb.designtime.base=Base design-time implementations
visualweb.designtimeext=Design-Time API Extension for component authors
visualweb.designtime=Design-Time API
visualweb.designtime=Design-Time API for component authors
visualweb.ejb=Enterprise Java Bean Support
visualweb.errorhandler.client=Web Application error handler client
visualweb.errorhandler=Web Application error handler server
visualweb.extension.openide=Extends Openide.
visualweb.gravy=A library used for GUI-testing NetBeans IDE Visual Web features.
visualweb.insync=InSync provides abstract source manipulation support for Java, XML, and HTML
visualweb.jsfsupport.components=JSF Components
visualweb.jsfsupport.designtime=Visual Web Design-Time support and standard JSF components
visualweb.jsfsupport=JSF Support Container
visualweb.kit=Visual development of web applications with Java Server Pages
visualweb.libs.batik=Batik CSS Parser (modified)
visualweb.libs.jtidy=JTidy HTML cleaner (modified)
visualweb.libs.rowset=JDBC RI Rowset Library
visualweb.project.jsfloader=JSF Loaders faking one JSF object.
visualweb.project.jsf=Support for development of web applications based on JavaServer Faces.
visualweb.project.jsf=Supplies the basic user interface for projects in the IDE.
visualweb.propertyeditors=Property Editors
visualweb.ravehelp.rave_nbpack=Online help pages for the IDE
visualweb.websvcmgr=Web Service Support
visualweb.web.ui.appbase=Application Runtime API
visualweb.webui=Wrapper module for Sun Web User Interface Component runtime library
visualweb.webui.themes=Default themes for the Sun Web UI Components
visualweb.xhtml=Defines beans for most XHTML elements
vmd.analyzer=Visual Mobile Designer - Analyzer
vmd.codegen=Visual Mobile Designer - Code Generator
vmd.components.midp.pda=JSR 75: Accessing the PIM database and File system custom components.
vmd.components.midp=Provides basic set of Netbeans MIDP custom components.
vmd.components.midp.wma=Wireless Messaging API (WMA) custom components.
vmd.componentssupport=Visual Mobile Designer - components creation
vmd.componentssupport=VMD Custom Component Project
vmd.componentssupport=VMD Custom Component Project
vmd.componentssupport=VMD Custom Component Project
vmd.flow=Visual Mobile Designer - Flow Designer editing support for MIDP 2.0 Game API
vmd.inspector=Visual Mobile Designer - Inspector Mobile Designer - Java ME Communication IO Implementation Mobile Designer - Input Output
vmd.kit=Support for visual development in JavaME.
vmd.midpnb=Visual Mobile Designer - MIDP NetBeans Components
vmd.midp=Visual Mobile Designer - MIDP
vmd.model=Visual Mobile Designer - Model
vmd.palette=Visual Mobile Designer - Palette Properties
vmd.screen=Visual Mobile Designer - Screen Designer
vmd.structure=VMD Structure Browser
web.client.javascript.debugger.ant=Lets you use the NetBeans JavaScript debugger from Ant. module implements the JavaScript Debugger Firefox Extension. module contains the Web Client JavaScript Debugger API classes. module contains the Web Client JavaScript Debugger UI classes. Client Tools Implementation. module implements the NetBeans Add-on for Internet Explorer. for web client tools.
web.core=Supports the creation, editing, compiling, and testing of JavaServer Pages.
web.core.syntax=Provides editing support for JSP files.
web.debug=Supports the debugging of JSP
web.examples=Provides web application examples.
web.flyingsaucer=Allows to render XHTML documents using CSS
web.freeform=Support of Web development in Freeform project.
web.jsf12ri=Wrapper module for JavaServer Faces 1.2 RI
web.jsf12=Installs the JavaServer Faces 1.2 Library
web.jsf.kit=JavaServer Faces support.
web.jsf.navigation=The Page Flow Editor lets you edit page flow
web.jsf=Support for development of web applications based on JavaServer Faces.
web.jspparser=Provides support for parsing JSP files using the Jakarta JSP parser.
web.jstl11=Installs the JSP Standard Tag Library 1.1.
web.kit=Basic Java web application support.
web.libraries.jsf1102=Installs the JavaServer Faces 1.1.02 Library
web.monitor=Tracks data flow inside the servlet engine
web.project=Support for web module projects.
web.struts=Support for Struts Framework
websvc.axis2=Axis2 Support
websvc.clientapi=SPI for modules that are web service consumers.
websvc.core=Provides generic support for development and consumption of web services.
websvc.customization=Provides support for JAX-WS customization. Designer for Web Services
websvc.editor.hints=Hints support for JAXWS Web Services
websvc.jaxrpc16=Installs the JAX-RPC libraries from JWSDP 1.6
websvc.jaxrpckit=JAX-RPC Web Services Development Support
websvc.jaxrpc=Provides support for development and consumption of JAX-RPC web services.
websvc.jaxws21api=JAX-WS 2.1 API
websvc.jaxws21=Installs the JAX-WS 2.1 client libraries
websvc.jaxwsapi=SPI for modules that are JAX-WS service providers.
websvc.jaxwsmodel=JAX-WS(wsimport) WSDL to Java model and project support for JAX-WS technology.
websvc.kit=Provides generic support for development and consumption of web services.
websvc.manager=IDE-wide registration for web services
websvc.metro.samples=Provides examples of Metro web services
websvc.projectapi=Web Services Project API
websvc.registry=Web Services Implementation
websvc.registry=Web Service Registry Implementation
websvc.restapi=API/SPI for RESTful Web Services Support
websvc.restkit=RESTful Web Services Development Support
websvc.restlib=Installs JAR files for JSR-311 API and reference implementation. Web Services Sample Projects for creation of RESTful Web Services
websvc.saas.api=API supporting consumers of SaaS (Software as a Services)
websvc.saas.codegen.j2ee=Provides code generation support for consuming SaaS services in Java EE applications. code generation support for consuming SaaS services in Java desktop applications.
websvc.saas.codegen.php=Provides code generation support for consuming SaaS services in PHP applications.
websvc.saas.kit=Provides support for consuming SaaS services. Service Component Service Component
websvc.saas.ui=SaaS Services UI
websvc.utilities=Utilities for Web Services
websvc.websvcapi=SPI for modules that are JAX-RPC service providers.
websvc.wsitconf=Provides support for web services interoperability technologies.
websvc.wsitmodelext=Provides WSDL extensions to other (WSIT or other) modules.
websvc.wsstackapi=Web Services Stack API
websvc.wsstack.jaxws=JAX WS Stack Description
welcome=Shows welcome content after the first startup of the IDE.
wsdlextensions.file=FILE extension for wsdl editor.
wsdlextensions.ftp=FTP extensions in WSDL editor.
wsdlextensions.jms=Provides JMS extensions in WSDL editor.
wsdlextensions.snmp=Provides SNMP extensions in WSDL editor.
xml.catalog=The module allows to persistently mount entity catalogs.
xml.core=This module keeps some miscellaneous APIs.
xml.jaxb=Java XML binding wizard and utilities.
xml.kit=XML, Schema and WSDL related tools.
xml.multiview=XML Multiview Editor Infrastructure
xml.nbprefuse=Prefuse Customization Module
xml.refactoring=Refactoring support for XML-based components.
xml.refactoring=Graph Analysis of XML Schema Relationships
xml.retriever=Retriever and XML catalog support
xml.schema.abe=Support for the graphical design view of the schema editor
xml.schema.model=API for manipulating XML Schema
xml.schema.refactoring=Refactoring of Schema Component Usages
xml.schema=The module provides support for XML Schema. Search.
xml=The module is a base for all XML related modules. module contains Tree API for XML ("TAX") library.
xml.text=The module provides text editing capabilities. module contains various actions and generators. module contains various actions and tools.
xml.validation=XML Validation module
xml.wsdl.bindingsupport.api=WSDL Binding Support API
xml.wsdl.bindingsupport=WSDL Extensibility Elements Support
xml.wsdl.extensions=Extensions to WSDL Model
xml.wsdlextui=WSDL Editor Extensions.
xml.wsdl.kit=WSDL related tools.
xml.wsdl.model=WSDL Model
xml.wsdl.refactoring=Support for XML Refactoring in WSDL
xml.wsdlui=WSDL Editor for editing and creating WSDL documents.
xml.wsdlui=FTP extensions in WSDL editor.
xml.wsdlui=Provides JMS extensions in WSDL editor.
xml.xam=Framework for design synchronous object model from textual document.
xml.xam.ui=Interface code common to clients of the XAM model.
xml.xdm=An toolable document model for XML
xml.xpath.ext=XPath model with deep resolving of schema objects
xml.xpath=XPath 1.1 Model.
xsl=The module contains simple XSL support.
xslt.core=XSLT Core. Help.
xslt.kit=XSLT development support.
xslt.mapper=XSLT Mapper.
xslt.model=XSLT Model.
xslt.project=XSLT Project.
xslt.tmap=Transformmap Core.
xslt.validation=XSLT Validation.