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I have created an application using Visual Library. This has a toolbar and when a button is pressed on the toolbar and then on the visual library scene, a dialog box pop up to enter some details. after entering the details a widget will be created in the visual library scene. This application functionality need to be tested using UI tests. Following is a sample code that will perform this test.

Scene scene = getObjectScene(); //get the visual libray scene

JToolBar toolbar = getDiagramToolbar();//get the toolbar of the visual library scene

JComponentOperator toolbarOperator = new JComponentOperator(toolbar);
final WidgetOperator sceneOperator = new WidgetOperator(scene);

int buttonIndex = 3;//button index of toolbar button

JToggleButtonOperator button = new JToggleButtonOperator(toolbarOperator, buttonIndex);


new Thread(new Runnable() {
   public void run() {
      sceneOperator.clickMouse(1);//code which clicks to open panel
      //because it is a modal dialog and you need to handle opening of it in separate thread.

NbDialogOperator nbdo = new NbDialogOperator("My Title");

JButtonOperator jbo = new JButtonOperator(nbdo, "Inside panel");

In general, if for example a modal dialog is opened when user clicks JButton, one has to use

JButtonOperator jbo = new JButtonOperator(nbdo, "Browse");


to satisfy that opening of modal dialog doesn’t stop further execution of test case.