Apache NetBeans 12.2 Features

Welcome to Apache NetBeans 12.2, the second feature release of the Apache NetBeans 12 cycle!

The LTS release of the Apache NetBeans 12 cycle is Apache NetBeans 12.0. The 12.2 release has not been tested as heavily as the LTS release and may therefore be less stable. Use 12.2 to use the latest features and to provide feedback for the next LTS release, scheduled for 2021. Go here to download Apache NetBeans 12.0, the current LTS release.


The full list of pull requests integrated in the 12.2 timeframe is found here, while the highlights are listed below.

Java Language

New JDK 14 and 15-Specific Java Language Features

  • Code coloring. Keywords "sealed", "non-sealed", and "permits" are highlighted conforming to the existing styles of all other Java keywords.

  • Code formatting for "sealed" type. Extended the Java code formatting feature to include "sealed" and "permits" clauses for the first time.

  • Auto-completion for "sealed" type. Added keyword "sealed" and "non-sealed" before "class" declaration. Added "permits" only in the allowed location, i.e., the "permits" clause is not allowed to be put before "extends" and "implements" clause, if present.

  • Enhancement for Record variable. Invoke code completion for "Record" variable name and the editor will analyze the context and then suggest choices that are reachable from the current caret position.

  • Fixed Record Formatting issue with use of annotation. https://github.com/apache/netbeans/pull/2391

  • Fixed Record Refactoring issue. refactor record rename & move record file to other package: https://github.com/apache/netbeans/pull/2310 

  • Fixed Record JavaDoc. JavaDoc listing for class-type RECORD on auto completion: https://github.com/apache/netbeans/pull/2412

  • nb-javac fork. Now supports JDK 15: https://github.com/apache/netbeans/pull/2408

New Miscellaneous Java Language Features

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NetBeans Java Features in VS Code


Java Web

Java Build Systems

PHP & JavaScript

Library Upgrades