Participating in Apache NetBeans

The Apache Software Foundation has set up a specific website designed to help newcomers take their first steps toward being part of our Community.

You can participate in the Apache NetBeans Project in many different ways. Here are some ideas:

Contributing code

You may want to fix issues or provide a new functionality that is your personal work to Apache NetBeans project. You will need to follow the contributing code procedure to learn how to contribute code to the Apache NetBeans project.

If your contribution code is owned or developped in another organization outside Apache. Your organization may want to donate this contribution to Apache NetBeans project. You will need to follow this donating code procedure.

Validating issues

You want to help but don’t feel like writing code? Verify reported issues.

  • Check that issues contain information necessary to reproduce the issue.

  • Check component assignment.

  • Try reproducing the issue in latest version of NetBeans and update Affected Versions.

Reporting issues

See reporting issues for instructions on how to report an issue.

Join the NetCAT program

The NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program (NetCAT) has helped stabilize development builds for years.

Improving the documentation

We will be porting existing NetBeans documentation soon. Consider joining the dev mailing list for updates on how to help with this task.

Contributing to the ASF