[ANNOUNCE] Apache NetBeans 12.5 Released

Tuesday September 21, 2021

The Apache NetBeans team is pleased to announce that Apache NetBeans 12.5 was released on September 13th 2021 [1]. Apache NetBeans is a full IDE for Java SE, Java EE, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and more, including some support for Groovy and C/C++.

Apache NetBeans 12.5 is a quarterly feature update. The LTS release of the current cycle is Apache NetBeans 12.0. The 12.5 release has not been as heavily tested as the LTS release. Our schedule is publicly available here:

New & noteworthy features of the 12.5 release:


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Thanks everyone, and best wishes,


Release Manager for Apache NetBeans 12.5

on behalf of Apache NetBeans PMC

1. We’re again a little late in announcing this because we were creating convenience binaries, e.g., installers, since announcing the result of the vote thread.