Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are the main way to get in touch with the NetBeans Community. Feel free to subscribe and participate.

Lists are managed with ezmlm, refer to ezmlm manual for useful help commands.

The mailing lists can also be subscribed to in digest form, so that you at most receive one e-mail per day. Digest form email addresses are the same as the email addresses below, substituting subscribe@ with digest-subscribe@ and substituting unsubscribe@ with digest-unsubscribe@.

Users list

Use this list to ask questions about the usage of the NetBeans IDE, whether for Java, JavaScript, C/C++, or any other language or technology, whether as user of NetBeans IDE or developer on top of the NetBeans Platform.

This list is also useful as well for those using the NetBeans APIs to develop modules and applications.

Using prefix tags in the subject line, such as [ java ] or [ javascript ] is encouraged, to clearly distinguish the topic you’re addressing in your e-mail.

Dev list

Specifically for those committed to working on the development of Apache NetBeans itself, as well as those committed to promoting and documenting it, via events and tutorials, etc.

NetCAT list

Specifically for those involved in the NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing (NetCAT) program.

Announce list

Receive announcements only, e.g., when a new release is made available, i.e., for those who do not want to get much traffic though want to keep up with the high level developments of Apache NetBeans. No one other than administrators are able to write to this mailing list.

Commits list

Receive GitHub commit messages whenever a commit is done.

Notifications list

Receive GitHub notifications whenever someone adds a comment to an issue and whenever a new pull request is opened or closed.

Other channels