Rename Refactoring and Other Editor Improvements in NetBeans IDE 7.0 for PHP

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This screencast shows the new features of NetBeans PHP editor 7.0.

* Rename Refactoring You can rename an element such as a class name across all files in a project. The feature forces you to preview your changes before you can make them. The preview window shows you every location of the element and lets you exclude individual occurrences of the element from being renamed. Rename Refactoring is contrasted with the older feature, Instant Rename, which lets you only rename an element within a file and which does not provide a preview window. * Type Hierarchy View See all the super types and sub types of a PHP class, including interfaces and classes that implement an interface. * Line Wrap You can configure the Editor to wrap lines. * Show non-printable characters You can show and hide non-printable characters in the Editor.

Author: Jeff Rubinoff Time: 8:47

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