Creating a Database Driven Application With NetBeans IDE PHP Editor

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Tutorial contents:

In this tutorial, you use the PHP features in the Apache NetBeans to create and run a simple web application. The example shows how to create a wish list. After you create and deploy the application, it enables you to share information on wish lists with your friends, such as lists for wedding, birthday, or holiday gifts. The information is stored in the database that you create in Lesson 1.

Any registered user is able to view the wish lists of other users, and you develop this functionality in Lesson 2.

The application supports registration of new users, a functionality that you develop in Lesson 3.

In Lesson 4 you receive tips for making the code easier to maintain.

Lesson 5 provides you with possible solutions for security issues.

In Lessons 6 and 7 you develop functionality that enables each registered user to edit their own wish list.

You add styles to improve the appearance of your application by applying a CSS style sheet in Lesson 8. Finally, you deploy the application on a remote web server using the hints given in lesson 9.

Code is provided for both users of the MySQL database and users of Oracle Database. The tutorial uses the mysqli and OCI8 APIs. For users interested in PDO, a PDO version of the complete tutorial is available for download. Note that the PDO_OCI API is experimental!

To follow this tutorial, you need the following software and resources.

Software or Resource Version Required

A PHP engine

Version 5

A web server

Apache HTTP Server 2.2 is recommended.

A database server

MySQL, OracleXE, or Oracle11g

For details on installing and configuring the required software, see the document that describes preparing the environment for PHP development in your operating system.