Commercial Support / Apache NetBeans

Commercial Support

Some companies or individuals offer professional products and services around Apache NetBeans. Please note that these are not (and cannot be) endorsed by the Apache Software Foundation.

Applicant Name Skills Details Location Contact details

Codelerity Ltd.

Apache NetBeans APIs, platform, IDE and packaging; native interop; Java core, desktop and compiler APIs.

Codelerity was founded in 2019 by Neil C Smith, and offers software development, consultancy and advice. Neil is a member of the NetBeans PMC and Apache Software Foundation, with over two decades experience of Java development. Codelerity develop a range of NetBeans related tools, and also build and distribute community installers of NetBeans IDE.

Oxford / London, UK,

Oliver Rettig

Java Swing,NetBeans APIs, NetBeans Platform

Oliver Rettig is a scientist in the field of motion analysis and a Java developer with a decade of experience in scientific desktop application development, usually based on Swing and the NetBeans Platform ( and Oliver is available for work through his own company ORAT (

Karlsruhe, Germany,

Policy for additions

The Apache NetBeans PMC does not and cannot endorse or recommend any products or services.

To be listed in this page please send an email to the Apache NetBeans PMC (see Mailing Lists) with a description of your offerings and the text you would like to have added.

All submitted information must be factual and informational in nature and not be a marketing statement. Statements that promote your products and services over other offerings on the page will not be tolerated and will be removed. Such marketing statements can be added to your own pages on your own site.

When in doubt, email the Apache NetBeans PMC list (see Mailing Lists) and ask us. We will be happy to help.